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March 25, 2007

Skater Boys

Skater Hard to believe all the things I’m missing sitting in front of my computer. And being over 40. This afternoon, I ventured into a room full of spinning, jumping, flipping and sliding teenagers, boys with long hair and skinny jeans showing off their tricks in a local skateboard competition. I went because my nine-year-old’s life ambition is to become a professional skater. (This is not great news in my book, but there it is.) And it was nothing short of amazing: two dozen boys (my son the 2nd youngest) crammed like goldfish into a store called Nine Star in West L.A., doing tricks for the judges, and one another. Thumping New Agey/hip-hop music thudded in the background, as the kids whizzed and whirled in a concrete space no bigger than a couple of elevators, cleared around the racks of clothes and dirt bikes. It was pretty great. Oh yeah, and my kid made it through the first round.