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June 23, 2008

Carell: Overexposed. Myers? Over.

Carell_2Steve Carell ought to check his media profile: no matter how well "Get Smart" did this weekend, the guy is dangerously close to overexposed. Between "The Office," the advertising glut on "Get Smart," the DVD for "Evan Almighty" and the media lovefest that surrounds him, there's only so much Steve Carell that anyone can take. (Here’s a list of full appearances, for the record.) The billboards, all those magazine covers, and long take outs about him – wh ere's the story? Nice guy, married, stable, success at 40. Dullll. Give me a post-rehab, box-office comeback over that any day: Calling Robert Downey Jr.  Carell seems to feel this instinctively; he actually looked embarrassed when he appeared on his pal Jon Stewart's show last week, and seemed bored with himself on the David Letterman Show.  True, there was nothing embarrassing about the box office performance of "Get Smart," which took in $39 million. But I've said it before: the box office figures can lie. Movie stars who indulge in every available spotlight do so at their peril.Myers

Mike Myers, on the other hand, just seems desperate, past his prime, and out of touch. During his visit with Stewart the day after Carell, he appeared positively medicated. The comic actor lay half-prostrate on the desk for much of the time, and made serial references to "peepee from his bumbum," displaying an apparent obsession with diarrhea that goes back to Austin Powers and may have met its apotheosis in "The Love Guru." Despite clever trailers and marketing, the negative word of mouth found its way to the box office, where the $62 million budget movie, dismissed by critics as a series of unfunny sketches, sucked in just $14 million. Myers made a big deal of the years he invested in creating his new character, Pitka. And indeed, it's been a decade since Austin Powers first came to delight audiences. In the meantime his reputation for diva-not-guru-like pomposity precedes him. If this is the best he can do in all that time, perhaps Myers should switch gears to something more in keeping with his gastro-intestinal obsessions. How about as a pitchman for Pepto-Bismol?



Carell completely acknowledged his overexposure on Jimmy Kimel Live last week when he switched places with Kimmel for the first segment of the interview. Kimmel answered as if he was Carell, Carell interviewed as if he were Kimmel, and basically the whole thing was unfunny and sucked. At least it was something different than the normal pablum Hollywood regurgitates when pimping these ridiculously vapid movies that serve only to make the audience dumber than when they entered the theater. Both of these guys don't need to work to eat, so maybe they can spend a little time making art and not stupid crap like these two bombs.


The Meyers show was over for me after Fever Pitch (I love almost anything related to baseball!). Enough with the bodily functions, bodily hair and ... the body. Carell, please quit while you're ahead! A cautionary note: Jack Black is catching up to this bumbling status too!

Big Brown

You know who I've had it with? Sarah Jessica Parker! First my trainer gets me all juiced up ala Hulk Hogan (also overexposed, and a criminal to boot), now everyone is comparing her face to mine...it's unfair, I tell ya!


Oops! Corrections to previous comment. Not Fever Pitch (too much baseball on my mind). For me Myers was done after Austin Powers. Stick with characters like Shrek and the Cat in the Hat.


Get Smart looks okay over all though it seems like Steve Carell is veering toward an excess of slapstick humor

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