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June 04, 2008

Justin Timberlake Has a Big Head

Justin_2 UPDATE:  My sources tell me that the studio has backed down and the contract is no longer.  Ladies and gentlemen, the power of the Internet.

Has Justin Timberlake lost his mind? His handlers at Spyglass Entertainment had journalists at the "Love Guru" junket signing one of those Tom Cruise-ian ("do not stare at the star") contracts that demands, among other things, that the journalist not mention anything personal or private, destroy all materials not approved in advance, and make the freelancers personally liable for anything they might write about the guy.

Here it is from the contract, in legal chapter and verse: "All Material which Journalist intends to use first must be submitted to Company and Artist for approval. The print, negative, or other material embodying disapproved Material will be promptly destroyed by the Journalist." And this: "Journalist agrees not to disclose to anyone any confidential, personal, or private information about Artist, Artist’s family, or Artist’s personal relationships at any time." and this: "Journalist will be solely responsible for any and all other individual authorizations, releases, consents, clearances, licenses, and payments as may be necessary with respect to the use of the Material."

Paramount and Spyglass and Mike de Luca -- what's up with you guys? Why not just hand out pre-written publicity copy and make it easier on everyone involved? (Note to journalists: none of you should agree to sign such a ridiculous document. Hollywood will push you as far as it can. If you sign this, you can expect to see more of such nonsense.)

Read the full agreement here.