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June 30, 2008

Strike Deadline Approaches

The deadline for the Screen Actors Guild contract passes at midnight, and there is no deal on the horizon. But there's also no talk, as yet, of a strike. Hollywood can continue functioning under SAG's now-expired contract, and for the moment that's where things stand. My read, as I explained on John Hockenberry's show "The Takeaway" last week, is that the union is in an historically weak position. The studios feel themselves to be in a win-win place. If there's a strike, they can take it, and they have the benefit of having given little quarter during the painful writer's guild strike earlier this year. Production has slowed to a near-standstill in any event. And if there's no strike, they continue business, slow-go, as needed. Either way, they don't seem to see a need to compromise on the guild's demands for more money. Stay tuned, we'll be following this.


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