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July 21, 2008

An Accused Serial Rapist Speaks, Ahead of Trial

Anand_3 I got an exclusive interview with Anand Jon, the former fashion designer who will go on trial in early September for the serial rape of his models. The article, which includes the first look by a reporter at eight volumes of the models' testimony against him at the grand jury, is in the August issue of Los Angeles magazine, out this week. It is amazing to note that Jon, who has been rotting in the L.A. County Men's Jail for more than a year, has been virtually ignored both by local and national media. Is it because he was a small-time designer, hanging on the coattails of friends like Paris Hilton and Michelle Rodriguez? Is it because his victims were small-time farm girls lured to the big city and unworthy of attention?

I am told by one lawyer that this will be the biggest rape case in California history: 20 women are scheduled to testify against him. Their testimony is damning. But it is not quite clear to me that what Jon has done, in every case, was rape. The grand jury testimony is extremely weak in many places, and the womens' testimony is at times not credible on its face. (They stayed with him despite the alleged rape; they followed him to other cities; their excuse for doing so, in some cases is, "I'm not really sure.") In the article, Jon protests his innocence. But his most searing words are in a letter he wrote me from jail, which was too long to include in the magazine. I am posting it here, and am interested in any and all comments. Anand Jon does not appear to be a nice guy. But that is not a crime in any state.

Here's how the letter starts: "I have not seen the sky in months, 6, maybe 7. Kind of easy to lose track of time and yet be unbearably aware of its existence. I am awakened at around 5:30 am usually and on court days (once or twice a month so far) about 4:30 am and then remain in shackles while being a "sergeant-escort" to a tiny moving metal vertical coffin in a van and transported underground to the downtown court." (the rest

And in the interest of balance, here is excerpted grand jury testimony of one accuser, Katie W.




Thank you so much for putting this story together. I have known Anand for nearly ten years. I have never in my life seen a family suffer as much as Anand's family. I have also had the chance to speak with several witnesses(including models) that passionately insist on his innocence. Although I am sure you have read all about it, it's different to hear their stories face-to-face. It is unbelievable to think that Anand could possibly sit in prison after speaking with these people. You are right - he is not a perfect person who always goes out of their way to be nice. However, who really is?

Thank you again for your objective story.




Sharon: your article was very balanced. As shocking as the Grand Jury testimony seems, some people don't realize that the prosecutors run the Grand Jury. It's all direct examination, none of it is cross-examined, none of it is tested for veracity. Jon's attorney was not even allowed to be present when the girls testified. As attorneys often say: "a Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich." When the evidence is looked at closely, the contradictions shine through. As you pointed out what girl/model would pay rent and continue to live with a man she swears forcibly raped her?

Outraged, but Optimistic

"innocent until proven..." is supposed to be the case in the US. I've been disappointed with the legal system as I follow this case. Why isn't there more outrage? How does the American public turn a blind eye to police corruption and prosecutor misconduct? look at the Duke University case. those poor kids had their whole lives to look forward to; they now have huge debts. Why? Because people got together and lied. In the Pellicano case how many dirty cops took bribes? How many lied? How many didn't get exposed?

I've known Anand for many years. He can be brash and obnoxious but he is directed. He wants to make something of this life. He works hard, sometimes too hard. He pushes his people to do their best and not waste their lives. I've seen him with the models during shows. He's always been professional. In fact, i've seen him encourage everyone to do their best. I've seen him encourage people to respect their family. I've seen him admonish people for smoking and work to get people off drugs.

Fashion is his business. what I'm understanding is that to most people it's a foreign business. Even though they watch Top Model, Supermodel, janice dickinson, project runway, etc. do they realize what a cut-throat business it is? do they realize how easy it is to make baseless accusations in that environment?

If at any time these accusers wanted to leave clearly they were free to go. from your article i don't read anything about kidnapping, violence, injuries, restraint. so why didn't this Katie just leave? Jennifer M? i think they went with him willingly and when they didn't get their "big break" they retaliated in the worst way possible. It is so easy for a woman to claim rape. what is a man to do? he will immediately get arrested and then have to fight for his life as the penalties are worse than murder.

If some of these people were indeed his paying roommates then they weren't captive. they were free to go. free to complain. free to go the 3 blocks to the BHPD. did they? no. why? because there was no crime taking place. if no crime is committed, why report it. no crime. no complaint. i really think it's that cut and dry as these complaints were made years later after Wall Street financing came in to the company. Smells like extortion and civil suits to me. In fact, that one girl, Natalie Pack, and her media crazy attorney Allred were all over TV last year. Clearly from the video, she much bigger than Anand is; I'm sure she could've beat him up if there was any impropriety.

Congratulations Sharon. Your story hopefully will make people (especially the accusers) realize that this story is not just media fodder, but is a life and death situation. Anand Jon's life hangs in the balance of the scales of justice. thank you for including his letter. it is moving and simultaneously strong in character. God speed for a triumphant end to this unjust situation which just may affect the entire judicial system. This prosecutor better be careful of treading in Nifong territory.

Linda Vega

Sharon, my name is Linda and I run the We Support Anand Jon Myspace. Thank you so much for taking time into looking into this. I worked with one model that actually wore a support Anand Jon t-shirt after the fact. I've spoken to models myself that actually will challenge these accusers that have been purposely lying from the very beginning. They themselves were asked to join these group of girls to lie on Anand Jon and make up these false allegations. My heart and prayers goes out to Anand and his family. We just want justice and a fair trial for this innocent man. These accusers can't run from the truth. How do they sleep at night?..Thanks again!




Tiffany L S

It is not fair what they are doing to this man. Can we get some justice here?


This case needs to be taken seriously. It's so obvious that these girls are not telling the truth. Why keep going back again and again? I think money is the motive. It always is in cases like this. It's a shame what they would do for a dollar. I say free this man immediately.

Supporter all the way

In reading this case for a little over a year, there's not an ounce of proof that these allegations are true. This is simply not right and we think is wrong when everything is based on hear say. How come the models that do speak on his behalf never really get to be heard? Or the family?

R Medina

I work with models all the time. It's scary to even think that something as ugly as this can happen to even me. You never know who you can trust. I feel terrible for him and his family. Good article Sharon and I wish them the best. R


I am very much disturbed this events ,. After reading this matter the following doubts are raised in my mind

1. The fashion designer one who is in the field past two decades working with thousands of models has great respect with him .if that is a case who this will be ?

2. The Designer one who from Asian county( India) will follow the professional ethics in his profession . No Doubt on that, Many models’ statement is witness for the same

3. Why do this group of girl accusing a very decent professional with lot of professional ethical and family values . As for as my knowledge ANAND JON man who respect women . He is worshiping as a GOD from the Indian culture and value .

4. What is his crime to run his ethical life from the designer fashion world . The profession and personal holistic life practices ( Drug free Environment )

5. These girls are try to divert his healthy holistic practiced for their self benefits .

6. My hearts breaks for Anand Jon and His family ; I hope that US justice system will let free the innocent person. All these girls who are lying should be panished

Dear friends and readers , I hope that you are also in the same feeling . Experss your feelings that will bring justice to Anand Jon and his family


Thanks sharon, for putting up this article..i have been following up with this case and makes me feel disappointed at the way American judiciary(so called the best in the world) is making an innocent man suffer like this..
It breaks my heart to c how he and his family is suffering..i hope the jury keeps their minds open and makes the rite decision in favor of Anand..I pray n wish Anand is free as soon as possible..


After reading your article i wanted to share with you and the readers.Hi my name is Prashanth.I have worked with Anands mother and designer sister Sanjana back in 2005.Really sweet and down to earth people.Im a model from India.I was a part of there then Miss Universe Tour.All the American and Indian models were taken such good care of.Top notch royal treatment.Put up in the best of best five star hotels.I was a witness to it all.On one of the occassion Sanjana was so sweet,inspite of the busy schedule in New Delhi she made arrangements to take us see the Taj mahal in Agra.All the girls looked so happy and were having a wonderful time.But at times there were also differences between Sanjana and the American models on very petty and silly issues.At times though it got serious and nasty.On one occassion back in Cochin,Kerela one of the models was roaming around in a bikini in the hotel, Sanjana immediately warned her stating Cochin was a very conservative place and people wouldnt like it.This made the model very angry.It was for her good what was being said to her but instead she started throwing a fit around and was very crossed with Sanjana.They had an argument.She also went around telling everyone she would take revenge with Sanjana.After a while though everything was back to usual and the tour continued.On my interaction with the models they were all praises about Anand Jon.Not that i had know about his accomplishments.But this was like detailed information.They told how splendid his shows were,about the clothes,the metals and fabrics that he used and how gem of a person he was.I was so happy to hear an Indian had worked so hard and had carved a name for himself in a highly competitive international fashion industry.But now when i read im shocked about all the false baseless allegations against Anand that few of the same girls from back then have gone ahead with.I really dont understand the motive behind these girls.How can they do this to such wonderful people.Its truly sad.I pray for the family and request all of youll to pray as well.Makes me wonder why do bad things happen to good people.Wishing quick justice to AnandJon..God bless him.


thanks sharon for putting this article.i know anand from his childhood days.he hails from a very respected family in kerala.his mother shashi and sister sanjana are also known to me.anand is a well mannered boy and we are proud of his achievements in the US.we are very much hurt to know that he is framed in a lot of false cases.we can only pray and plead that justice should be shown to him on humanitarian basis

Binoy John dr

Well, the whole story is glaringly preposterous and i guess its only a matter of time, that justice prevails for anand and family.....and i am all admiration for the way shashi aunty and sanjana have braved their way through this tumultous time....My prayers are there for all of them....and i urge all people with a conscience to join anand and his family with their precious prayers....God bless u anand and family.....B


Our hearts go out to Anand and his family. We admire the strength they carry to fight against this injustice. Sharon, because of you, Anand's voice will be heard for once and maybe he can get a chance at a fair trial. That's all everyone wanted from the start. Thanks.


he is being treated so unfairly and the justice system needs to be ashamed of themselves. He done no crime. Where is the proof that he did? None because he never did any of these things he's being accused of. i thought you had to be innocenet until proven guilty? what happens to these accusers when they're found out to be lying? can they go to jail for it? who can give Anand Jon back his time loss over made up lies
there should be a law against this. you can't just wake up one day and decide to destroy an innocent man's life. this is why i want to thank you for responding to Anand's letter. maybe we will be able to get finally heard.

Anne M Las.



this is not right. my grandfather sat in prison for 7 years before the same accusers testified and stated they lied from the beginning. they were pressured by the detectives. let's help anand jon and make sure that this doesn't happen to him. thank you sharon for being so helpful.


I can't believe how unfair this case is! Great job Sharon keep writing more on this case so people can be aware of whats going on!!!

Sameer Khan

This is really a touching letter written from a person who is going through such hard and chaotic times in his life....at the fault of being passionate of something he believed. Its sad to know that the people whom he genuinely helped in finding their path of career and life have turned against him for fame and honor. I just hope people open up their minds and speak up against this injustice. At these times we just need more awakening support and strength to his family. Each person would count in this awakening and the cause for justice. We have to act fast and fight for justice. Its all in the hands of God and I personally believe and trust that He would make everyone realize and give justice. The people who are accusing these allegations should realize one thing themselves....."U reap what you sow in this earth." Support and help Anand before a gem is locked up away from us for loong time. Hope this message reaches to all...May God help him and his family.


What disturbs me most is that the justice system has failed Anand and no one, save the immediate family and friends, care about it. This struggle between the California and the New York jurisdictions makes a mockery of the process.
I know Sanjana and her Mum have the strenght to keep fighting until eternity, I don't know how they do it. I just pray that Anand can withstand this ordeal.


How come no one EVER acknowledges that he is known to sleep with girls under 18 frequently? That info is always conveniently ignored though by he and his supporters. If nothing else, he is guilty of that, and that is illegal in the US. If he would at least own up to what he did do, I would have the ability to better consider what he possibly didn't do (forcibly rape).

A. McNeal

I dated Anand Jon for years. I met him around the age of 20 in NYC,..and was on and off with him quite a while.
I understand how Anand operates, at least back then.
I was a good working model,..with a big career ahead of her. I started at Metropolitan, ...went on to I.D. Model Management,..Elite,...and wound up at Ford.
Anand preys on the girls with no agency backing them. I was so young..easily manipulated. Anand was always in need of money. Always finding "investors" for his company...He once tried getting $13,000 from me.

He has a way about him. A way of wrapping the weak,..into his "world"...the ill treatment I endured from that man...I am proud of each and every young woman who came forward against him. All those years ago, I was battling alcoholism, and because of that addiction, I never stood up to him. I allowed horrible things to happen to me,..between us, and he knew where my shame lied within my drinking habit.....I did not know what my future would later hold in store for me...My disease,..has nothing to do with Anand Jon. Nor did he ever purposely ply me with anything...I was hiding my problems,..or so I thought...I was vulnerable, and alone in NYC...I allowed myself to be his "favorite"...I used to call him Baby Hitler...He is still to this day the most cunning man I have ever known. I was working a lot,..always on a plane,...and our relationship was very VERY sick and twisted. I remember the first time he forced me to have anal intercourse with him. In a closet,...in his old Soho Studio,..I was willing to have intercourse,..the anal part was forced...He held his hand in my mouth so I couldn't scream,..I bit him as hard as I could. I had never had that specific experience. I was in bed 2 days afterwards.
I used to go over every night after my castings,..or bookings if I was in town,..when I started becoming successful, he would come to me on Bleeker street...(my first apartment)...

If anyone will truly look back and remember,..none of the big-name agencies would work with him...his girls were all dying for the opportunity...dying to be seen. Anand has a way of wrapping you around him,..he is cunning enough to convince you out of your normal mind frame.

So much sickness with that man. We went round and round for years. He knew when I was traveling a lot for work,..I was drinking heavily on my down days. He had a way of making me feel I was nothing without him...it's funny how he did that. I spent so much time proudly showing him all I was accomplishing...the campaigns I began shooting...the runways I walked down...were never good enough...looking back, I don't know how he could convince me otherwise, then an Elite Model,..I was not good enough to walk his runway...HE NEVER PAID HIS GIRLS!!..When he did, it was a couple hundred dollars. I never made anything less than $1,500 a day! I would walk the Paris runways for a nice mint,..come back to NYC,...and my back -on-boyfriend-Anand,..is bragging about his blessed life...his false press...the 1 singlular girl he could get from an actual agency with prestige...and the randoms he would pull off the streets...I think I was trying to prove something to him...again...this is all over a decade ago!...

There were so many arguments. I never stood up for myself. I was becoming convinced I was a piece of dog-poop. I went through two abortions with Anand. His sister Sanjana laughed when she heard I was pregnant a second time...She thought it was funny. Our mothers spoke on the telephone the first one. Another manipulative woman. I remember she would come into the studio early in the mornings when she knew I was there. She would wake him with a hot bath already poured. Breakfast being cooked,..and daggers shooting through her eyes at me.
She would comb his hair for him...My God,..Sanjana and ShaShe (sorry if I spelled that incorrectly)...would run around him. Doing everything for him. There was always something fishy going on regarding his working papers...I remember a certain trip to Canada with him, when I only realized as we were crossing back into the US,..he was being nice to me,..only to have an American with him on the trip...in case there were any difficulties getting back into the country...I remember strange stories circulating about Sanjana being married...to a man no one ever saw. ShaShe back and forth from India.
Carrying clothes that I distinctly knew Anand never actually made,...let alone design...Yes, the man is a talent!..That does not negate he barely created half his collections...I used to argue with him about that.

I remember getting into fights with him,..and he would take presents into my modeling agency...(Metroplitan at the time...I had the loveliest booker in the world who hated me with Anand Jon) His presents consisted of little wind up toys of a dog..sexually penetrating his master..YES I AM SERIOUS! He wrapped it up and took it to my agent to give me...another "gift" from Anand was a dozen dead roses wrapped in barbed wire...
I remember the humiliation of dressing in his clothes,...and going out on the town,...for his benefit,...and enduring him with other women...Many many many arguments over other women....I would sit by myself...alot!

I remember the "harem" of women he had accumulating in his studios....models with no money,...willing to do anything for him...anything for a roof over their heads...Back then, I was always trying to prove his ways were wrong...it took years for me to leave him altogether.

I am being very nice with my stories of recollection...probably because I still carry the shame of my alcoholism in those days. I cried so many times, he had hurt me so badly, and I allowed him to do so. I think this is why he is truly convinced he is innocent...or not...pathological could just be a better word.
You could only walk away from Anand. You could never win. You were never right. I am sure,..to this day,..if you mention A. McNeal to him,...he would tell you I was his favorite...I am supporting these women all from afar...I am silently cheering them on. I wonder whatever happened to Rhonia from Kuwait...she was working for him when I first met him,..she told me horrible stories of him forcing her to orally satisfy him after a long day,...or in a taxi-cab...I was so wrapped up trying to figure out if he was "cheating" on me...I didn't really stop and think...another woman,..was standing in front of me,..describing Anand, taking her head and forcing her to satisfy him in a taxi...and why would she do this??...because look where she came from!...She was happy to be in the USA and walk with her face showing....
You see,..Anand is a rapist. He found a way to get away with it for years. He begins teaching you his culture. Convincing you, he has a secret to life...a secret of getting what he wants...he prides himself on being a master manipulator...He would BRAG to me how he got EVERYONE to do what he wanted!..
Anand does not eat KOSHER! When I read his letter, well,..same old Anand Jon, at least one of us got help!...I told him so many times,..you are in America...You respect her! And her WOMEN!

I have read many comments above mine,...most are friends of his family,..saying anything to help him. (a couple names I didn't recognize)
He is a master manipulator,..and a rapist...
I am ending this letter now.
I am watching in the wings as this man receives his fate. Tell him,..A McNeal warned him about this! I told him,..America protects her women!
I have kept journals since I was a 7 year old girl...1995-1999 ...I could write a book on my days with what was to become the biggest serial rapist California has ever seen.
I believe he was only an infant when we began,..the monster he graduated into,..is the man these women are standing up against. Go GIRLS! I am with you in spirit.
For each of them,..there are at least 5 not coming forward..take it from me...I endured him the longest.
As Sanjana used to "lovingly" refer to me...
The Doctor.

John McMillan

It is pathetic to read A Mcneal posting. It is very apparent that this is

pend up anger of her alcoholic. What amuses me is this person commenting

combing his hair and making breakfast for him. I dont think these people

will understand the Indian culture. I know Jon's Family for years. They

are very close, very loving, caring and God fearing Family. I have never

seen alcohol or drugs in there environment. Probably MCNEAL being an

alcoholic could be a drug addict too. This could be figment of her

imagination. My Association goes with the family for the 3 decades. We

are all praying for AnandJon and his innocence to be proved. Anand is a

disciplinarian and workaholic. That is not a crime. I have read the

McMartin case were there were hundereds of kids accusing a man and his

family for rape and molestation. Here we have a set of scorned, rejected

women (girls) who could not make it big in there field. This look like a

well knit conspiracy. My heart goes to Anand Jon and family. I pray to

God that Anand Jon will be free and his innocence proved. Sharan Thank

you so much, taking interest in Anand Jon's case when the entire American

media was trying to demanizing him. Let the truth prevailed.

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