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July 20, 2008

Dark Knight: Smashing Records All Weekend

For once, the happening fulfilled the hype. "The Dark Knight" is a bona fide, blockbuster, record-making hit. The film starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger packed cinemas everywhere, all weekend, and took in $155.3 million in its first three days in domestic release, according to estimates by Warner Brothers. Bale

That opening number beats the previous record of $151 million held by "Spider Man III." The per-theater average was a packed-to-the-gills $35,579. But that's far from the only record broken by the film. According to Media By Numbers, "The Dark Knight" smashed the box office record for the biggest single-day take, with $67.84 million on Friday (even higher than the earlier estimate), beating "Spiderman III"'s record; also, it landed the biggest Imax box office gross, and the biggest midnight preview gross on Thursday night, with $18.5 million.  The rising tide lifted all boats: this was also the biggest 3-day box office weekend in Hollywood history, according to Media By Numbers, besting the weekend of July 7, 2006. Congratulations to Warner Brothers, to director Chris Nolan, and to the industry, which needs the pop culture gargantua such as this to sustain the mystique and the glamour of the movies. (Photo by intrepid Jonathan Alcorn, who caught Batman sneaking out of town at LAX last night.) Update: Barely a day later, Bale got into an argument with his mother and sister in London, where he had gone for the premiere of "Batman." After an alleged altercation, Bale attended the premiere. The following day he submitted to police questioning at a police station in Belgravia. He left after questioning without being charged.


Jim Samples

You Idiots. People didn't go to see "Batman", they went to see Heath Ledgers last movie.

Learn how to report "accurately" - PLEASE!


Really? So if Heath Ledger's last movie had been about basket-weavers in Polynesia, it too would have made $150 million? No wonder Hollywood mourns the man...

Rafael Montilla

I just viewed Dark Night, I give a lots of credits to the Director and the Script writer specially the part of the Joker "How everyone sees live, what everyone expect from everyone and what the live game is".


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