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August 28, 2008

Driving While Surfing: Please, Stop

This is the second time in a few weeks that I've nearly been crushed in a head-on collision by a car driving down my quiet, leafy street that inexplicably began to veer into my lane. I'm driving 30 mph. He/she's driving 30 mph. Except for my reflex to swerve into the curb, honk and pray, I wouldn't be writing these words. What could explain such stupid driving behavior? In both cases, they were looking at their cellphones while the car drifted off into opposing traffic. Readers, help me out here: how can we stop this epidemic of texting, emailing, message-checking and surfing the web - while driving?


David Gill

Here is a piece from the BBC ...

Leisa Dreps

Yeah. Awareness has to be raised on how texting and mobile phone use while driving can be pretty dangerous. It doesn't have the notoriety of driving under the influence of alcohol, but it packs a dangerous punch when it connects.

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