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September 17, 2008

Obama on the Cheap: Pierce Brosnan - Magic Johnson???

Magic UPDATE: Ron Howard, it turns out, may yet become the ambassador to Portugal. I'm informed that he did BUY two tickets to the dinner last night, but did not attend because he is shooting "Angels & Demons" every day. His wife Cheryl and daughter Bryce went in his stead, sitting with Brian Grazer and Jim Wiatt, who also may have a shot at a fancy posting. (But wait -- do we really want Brian as our diplomat-on-the-loose?)

Still, apologies to all those who emptied their checkbooks and were not acknowledged.

Earlier: Obama is Ronhoward_2 not about to forget this soon. When the going got rough, some people in Hollywood reached deep and handed over... $250?

Only some of the rich and famous in Hollywood went to the Obama fund-raising dinner last night in Beverly Hills, and paid $28,500 each for the privilege of helping The One defeat the Palin-McCain machine.

They included all three cofounders of DreamWorks - David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg. Stars like Leonardo diCaprio, Will Ferrell and Tobey Maguire. The evening netted a record $9 million for the candidate.

But some got away dirt cheap, and showed up later to a fundraiser-concert with Barbra Streisand crooning bits of tunes, apparently, rather than whole songs. (That would cost a whole lot more than $250, methinks.) So - Ron Howard? You've been duly noted. You too, Magic Johnson. Pierce Brosnan and Sarah Silverman too. You folks can kiss those hoped-for European ambassadorships good-bye.


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