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October 22, 2008

Anand Jon Update: Defense in Full Swing

The defense has been putting on its case. Detective Cranham of the Beverly Hills police department was called to the stand and questioned as to whether she had interviewed the rape victims, or alleged ones, in person or by phone. It emerged that some were only interviewed by phone.

The defense is also trying to knock down allegations involving the suggestion that Jon drugged his victims. Questions are being asked to demonstrate that no date rape drugs were found in Jon's apartment. (But as I've noted earlier, there are photos that show alcohol in abundance.) The credibility of the accusers is being attacked - they wanted to make money off of accusing Jon, they were angry at him for being dumped. The defense has always maintained that the girls were, essentially, a conspiracy because they communicated with one another. I don't know that the jury will see it that way.

But this dances around the heart of the matter. I am told by people close to the defense team that Anand Jon will not be testifying. If true, that's a shame. We all would like to hear him convincingly deny the rape of nine women (actually, i've already heard him deny it, but it's quite another thing in open court). This says to me that his defense team feels that there are enough inconsistencies in the testimony of the rape victims to exonerate their client, or at least have a shot at that. All through this case, Jon has indicated to me that he couldn't wait to tell his story. Having spoken to him several times, I'm sure he'd be a convincing witness in his own defense.

But it's always a risk to put a defendant on the stand. Jon could come off as arrogant and lacking compassion. His belief that he has done no wrong at all may not sit well with a jury that, whatever the fine points of the law, would like to see a remorseful Lothario, at the very least. The problem there is that Jon truly believes in his own martyrdom. And his worshipful family has reinforced his deep faith that he has done nothing wrong. (Even my taxi driver in Dubai, an Indian from Kerala, had heard of Jon and said: "That fashion designer who's in trouble for rape?") My information is that the case will be dark on Friday, and that closing statements begin on Wednesday, October 29. I will try to be there for at least some of that, and fill you in.



If he testified it would seal his fate (GUILTY). To get on the stand and proclaim pure innocence and excellence when everyone has seen his list where he ADMITTED to having all sorts of sex with 14 and 15 year olds, that would be laughable.

I don't think the defense feels their case against the alleged victims is strong, that's a front. I think they know they have a weak case and know that Anand Jon on the stand would be a risk they can't afford to take.

This next couple weeks will be very interesting. If Jon is cleared on all charges, then may God help the young women he will pray upon in the future, because he's demonstrated that he cannot control himself. Speaking of, has his past conviction come up in court by the prosecution?


I must admit all I can think about when I see this case mentioned is "passed out and woke up with an anus on my face." I suspect his lawyers are gambling -- if the jury sides with only one woman he's going to be in danger of ending up on the receiving end of Sublime's "Date Rape" video. The Ron Jeremy end.


Sharon, are you going to discuss Alicia H's testimony regarding: "The other major revelation: financial gain. It seems that Britny O bragged at work, a local Grover Beach Radio Shack, that if they convicted (or prosecuted [sic]) Anand Jon she could "save her father's house" (out of foreclosure) and that she and her incarcerated boyfriend Chase (in prison for grand theft auto; out in November 2008) could get their own place together."


From what I have read the Prosecution has been succesfull in presenting the side of Jon that the Jury will not have any sympathy for.The witnesses were not consistent but the Jury will look at what they had to endure and not whether they were consistent,coerced or orchestrated. There is no way he will be exonorated. He will spend considerable time behind bars and then he will have to face the music all over again in NY and Tx. Even though he cannot be tried twice-which will amount to double jeopardy-the above Jurisdictions will come up with whole set of new charges and new witnesses. Then he has to start all over again with bail,new defense team, new stratgy. He will probably end up with consecutive sentences-amounting to rest of his life behind bars.

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