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October 23, 2008

Opie and the Fonz Dress Up for Obama

In the waning days of this election campaign, what won't Hollywood do to boost their friend Barack Obama?

They will shave on camera, put on a goofy wig and regress about 30 years into American tv history. Ron Howard offers up a heartfelt plea to American voters to vote for Obama, and apparently he thinks this plea will work better if he makes it as his chlid alter ego, Opie of Mayberry RFD.

Howard also dresses up as Richie Cunningham, and gets Henry Winkler to revive the Fonz, as both banter over the need to vote for their guy. It's nostalgic, amusing and maybe a little desperate. (It's up at funny-or-die. see it here.) Guys, it's not as if Obama ain't ahead by a mile.


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