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October 12, 2008

Prosecution to Rest in Anand Jon; Defense this Week

Anand4 The prosecution nears the end of its run in the trial of Anand Jon. In more than two weeks of testimony, all nine women plaintiffs have taken the stand to accuse him of rape, and several more have testified as to his poor character, giving their versions of assault.

There have been emotional moments, and sidebar discussions involving intimidation, or alleged intimidation by Sanjana, Anand’s sister. It is hard to overstate how attached both Sanjana and her mother, Shashi, are to the accused, Anand. Throughout, Sanjana sits in the hall outside the trial, and apparently some witnesses find her dagger-gaze intimidating.

Regardless, the testimony on the stand from the plaintiffs has been as confounding as the accounts in the grand jury. On one hand, many of them have recounted heart-rending tales of being lured to Jon’s apartment and then raped. On the other hand, their behavior after the alleged rape is still difficult to fathom – failing to go to police, staying with Jon, paying him rent. And under cross-examination, some of the stories seem flimsy.Anand_family 

Among the more upsetting testimonies – and they are all upsetting – was Britney O., from Arroyo Grande. She testified that shortly after meeting Jon, she was given vodka, passed out, and awoke to the smell of Jon’s anus, and to find him sitting on her face.

(I should note that Sanjana and Anand insisted that he never drank alcohol, and didn’t have it around. The prosecution has introduced photos of Jon’s apartment with bottles of Grey Goose crowded into the freezer.)

But Britney O. was among the least convincing witnesses during the grand jury phase. She testified that Jon forced her to give him a blow job on the couch while two friends, Janice and another Brittany, sat on an adjacent couch. She’s disturbingly vague: “And I realized that his penis was in my mouth, and I didn’t even notice.” Then came the horrific encounter with Jon’s anus. But she called him a few days later with a fashion question: “I felt really weird and I didn’t want to, and I never intended on seeing him again, which I did not, so I didn’t want to have a friendship with him or anything.”

Many of the plaintiffs suggest they were drugged and plied with alcohol. But that leaves their accounts of rape hard to pin down. Several said they were raped when they were unconscious.

Personally, it seems to me that with such uneven testimony, the exhibits are the more convincing evidence against Jon thus far. His “conquest list,” in which he boasts of having “fst fkd” girls, and compliments one for “blow job good – swallow very well,” is just plain repulsive. (It is not necessarily evidence of rape, but it betrays a sexual obsessiveness that feels abnormal.)  Similarly, a video of him fingering the privates of a trembling, naked model is damning (there seems to be a difference of opinion whether he inserted his finger or not, but either way, it’s hardly acceptable designer-model interaction).

So with about half of the argument made, it's very hard to call this case. In the meantime, evidence is emerging of Britney O. having hours-long chats with a hacker in England who gave her information about how to tamper with Jon’s computer. If and when I get documentary proof of this, I will post it. The defense believes this shows evidence of a conspiracy against him.

The defense is scheduled to begin its case on Wednesday. I will keep you updated on any bombshells that emerge. What we all really want to see is Jon on the stand - denying. We should expect nothing less. Denial seems to reign supreme in this case, on both sides.

(Note to readers: I took down comments from previous posts that in my view got out of hand. I will leave these comments open for as long as the discourse remains civil and intelligent.)



Ms. Wazman, I do have one question which utterly confounds me, and maybe as an observer of legal procedure you can answer it.

As you said here:

"His “conquest list,” in which he boasts of having “fst fkd” girls, and compliments one for “blow job good – swallow very well,” is just plain repulsive. (It is not necessarily evidence of rape, but it betrays a sexual obsessiveness that feels abnormal)."

Ok, my question is....with ADMITTED intercourse (in his OWN writing here, mentioning 15 yr olds) with UNDERAGE girls, how come he's not also being charged with statutory rape? He DID commit that at least, by his own admission! Why is the prosecution not then charging him for what definitely WOULD get a conviction? I'm perplexed by this. Whether a forceful rapist or not, he is an ADMITTED statutory rapist! How is THAT not an issue here!? How is that not one of the charges!?


P.S. Sorry for the typo Ms. WaXman. ;)


I suspect if at some point someone drugged you and you woke up with an anus in your face you'd be writing less glowing and gushing prose about this jerk. I have no reason to doubt that he's being prosecuted in a gray area, but I'm not going to lose sleep about the grave injustice The Man is perpetrating against him This isn't Duke Lacrosse, and it's not Guantanamo. I mean, this guy is a grade-A horrible person, regardless of what you, Jocasta and his sister think. He's a complete perv and he's paying for playing too close to the line. He's not the first, and he's not the last. Heck, he's not even a Fatty Arbuckle -- he's an R. Kelly. And just like R. Kelly, regardless of whether or not he goes to jail, he's at least been exposed as a sick pervert who abuses the ladies and gets off treating women like crap. Whether or not it's a crime, it's unsavory and a-hole behavior.


What I'm surprised with is the lack of mainstream meda coverage on this trial, then again it's probably a good thing. Anand loved the spotlight. By no one really caring it just goes to show he wasnt't the "star" he thought he was. It's not a race issue, it's just that no one really cared. His biggest named celeb friends have abandoned him, heck even his group support has dwindled. It's sad but it's what he gets for making such decisions, rapist or not.



Have there been any new developments in this case? Is the defense actually making a case for Anand Jon?

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