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November 02, 2008

Anand Jon Has Rested

6a00d8341f7e1f53ef010535cdbcca970b-800wi In the end, Anand Jon, the former fashion designer,  did not testify on his own behalf at  trial for the rape of nine models, despite all his protestations that he wanted to do so. His mother, Shashi, did not testify as expected. His sister, Sanjana, did not testify as expected. His brother-in-law, friends like Marla Maples, acquaintances – no one who knew Anand Jon and his life as a sexually obsessed climber with a taste for young fashion flesh, testified for him. Instead, the defense called a Santa Barbara district attorney, some cops and one very potent witness: Alicia Hanon,  the supervisor at a Radio Shack in San Luis Obispo.
Hanon testified that she felt compelled to come forward because she overheard one of her employees, Britney O., talking on the phone about the trial. Britney O. told friends that she was hoping to get her father’s house out of foreclosure in the wake of Jon’s trial, and was heard to say: “We have to get our stories straight.” As mentioned earlier, Britney O. wasn’t terribly credible before Hanon testified.
The defense is apparently convinced that the prosecution hasn’t made its case. But some pretty heinous behavior has been alleged from the stand in this six-week trial. In her closing statement, Assistant D.A. Mara McIlvain used a power-point presentation to drive home the youth of the alleged victims, their innocence and expectation, contrasted with Jon’s penchant for barely-legal porn, which she projected onto a screen for the jury.
The defense took four hours to wrap it up, with all three defense lawyers taking a whack at destroying the credibility of accusing witnesses. Leonard Levine delivered a rousing oratory: “These witnesses lied to you, and they lied to the court,” he said.
He noted that the prosecution based its case almost entirely on oral testimony. There was no physical evidence to back up the stories of rape. And he accused the detectives involved of failing to find the holes in the witnesses’ stories (this is demonstrably true), and of taking their stories at face value.
The jury is meant to begin weighing the case on Monday. Right now, it seems impossible to call this thing. Jon’s decision not to testify denied him a chance to create a sympathetic rapport with the jury. Some of the victims were credible, but not all of them were. Will this taint the whole enterprise? A jury is likely to want to punish Jon somehow, for something. But it will be hard to dismiss some witnesses as gold-diggers, or publicity hunters, while accepting others as legitimate.
This case that may never satisfy those of us who like clear answers - heroes and villains, and the satisfying thud of an obvious verdict. Let's wish the jury good luck.  
With so many victims and so much evidence, I’m hearing it could be a couple of weeks before there’s a verdict. 



Ms Waxman- were you present at this trial?
9 girls raped-pls gets your facts straight
there were 2 alleged counts of rape- one who wanted to become his casting director and found more than 25 girls for him after her alleged rape-there were emails to prove actual evidence
the other alleged rape victim happily pranced around trying on his clothes and asking for free pairs of jeans
maybe if you actually got your facts staright youd see that they were blatantly lying under oath
the expectation that at least Ms Waxman would write after peoper reasearch -
if you had you would actually seen the truth-you wouldve written the truth and not this work of fiction
Did you actually watch each one of these girls lie under oath
without actually being there its easy to point fingers-truth of the matter is that
The prosecution has to prove their case-which they really could not
each girl was contacting, partying and even

regret is not rape

Regret is not Rape / Prosecution Rests
Wednesday, 10.29.2008, 10:12pm (GMT-7)

LOS ANGELES: On October 15, the prosecution rested in the trial of fashion designer Anand Jon. During the last several weeks, the prosecution has tried to establish the legitimacy of their witnesses' claims. The prosecution's case was clearly planned to end with a bang. They seemed to have it all wrapped up – their witness, Amanda C, was soft spoken on the stand, hardly showing emotion, cute-looking and seemingly innocent.

The problem for the prosecution arose during cross examination by defense attorney Anthony Brooklier. Brooklier effectively proved that the witness was completely lying. In fact there was a ruckus in the courtroom as the witness exploded that the sexy images of her sent from her cell phone to Anand Jon's gmail account were not of her. She later recanted after conferring with the prosecutors that some of the images were of her while others were not.

A tell tale sign was when asked to put an acknowledgement next to those 27 pictures that were of her, she proceeded to mark only those that had her face in the photo. However, when she marked one image, "no," Brooklier quickly took notice: "Isn't that the same bra you're wearing in that other photo that has your face in it?" he inquired. Amanda acquiesced and changed her answer to indicate that the image was indeed her.

However, Amanda is staunch in her conviction that she never sent these sexy images from her tmail account (a product of m-mobile) to Anand Jon. in fact, Amanda professed that she did not have a tmail account. then changed the story again to indicate that she "did have one, but never used it." it is that conviction, however convoluted that it is, that is sure to have won over the prosecutors as they fought hard that the images were "doctored".

Defense attorney Eric Chase was quick to point out to the judge that none of the servers were personal and it was virtually impossible to doctor those incoming emails. In essence a T-Mobile corporate server sent the images to a Gmail account whose servers are owned and operated by Google. "It is clear that the images were sent by the witness to the defendant." The judge, however, is ordering Google and MySpace into court.

There is already evidence in from T-mobile showing that the account is hers but the court needs foundation established on the incoming Gmail server. But what does MySpace have to do with it? It seems that Amanda C uses that tmail account (that she claims is not hers) to log into her MySpace account – a quick Google search provided that. The most important part of recent hearings is that the defense called Deputy District Attorney Liliana Gonzales to testify. Ms. Gonzales was another big proponent of the "I have no personal recollection" mantra. It seems that the DDA and their witnesses seem to have a problem recalling details.

However, when the prosecutor questioned Ms. Gonzalez she had perfect recollection and was verbose in her descriptions. Ms. Gonzales contradicted prosecution witness Britny O's testimony as well as Eve M's testimony. Defense is also calling the police and investigators that took statements and spoke with witnesses. Most notably was a detective Stahnke from San Luis Obisbo that stated that "no crime was committed." Investigator Nicole Cranham admitted to not tape recording interviews, injecting her own person ideals into her examinations, emails and solicitations to taint witness statements. After Investigator Cranham, Detective George Elwell took the stand. Elwell was a shell of his former self. He almost seems humbled by this process. Elwell acknowledged viewing and hoarding incident reports.

He came short of accusing the DDA's office in assisting with manipulating witnesses and information. The defense contends that there was maintained contact after the alleged assaults. There were unresponsive answers to simple questions. There was lying. This is a small percentage of the women that Anand Jon came in contact with.

There were virtually no immediate claims, but they came many years later after the arrest and media attention. There were no 911 calls. No one went the three blocks to the BHPD to complain (except to fight a parking ticket). Even with other people in the room or apartment, they claim to be scared, threatened, not scream and "freeze" up. Some of these women even moved into his apartment to be his roommates afterward.

Thus closes the prosecution's case against Anand Jon. Filled with tall tales of rape, forced oral copulation, and attempted kisses, the case is seemingly consistent with the minor details but loses it on the majors. The bachelor fashion designer is being raked over the coals for having a messy apartment. But the fact remains that clutter is not a crime. Regret is not rape.

financial gain and witness collusion

Financial Gain for alleged complaining witnesses and Witness Collusion Disrupt the Anand Jon Trial

Defense witness Alicia H entered the courtroom in the trial of fashion designer Anand Jon a demur young woman that erupted on the witness stand. Alicia H. had a simple story to tell; one that could not be held back in good conscience, she repeatedly exclaimed. "It's more important to me that the truth be known than anything else at this point. (Prosecution witness) Britny O (an alleged victim) is a nice person, but she is a habitual liar.""I had to come forward; I had to tell someone what I know."

"We have to get our stories straight." Britny O told Alicia on why she was always on the phone. What Alicia knows is firsthand. As Britny's work supervisor Alicia was in constant contact with Britny and watches over her during full-time job. Britny used the trial to slack off and use the phone constantly to call her best friend and supporting witness in the trial, Janice Z.

The other major revelation: financial gain. It seems that Britny O bragged at work, a local Grover Beach Radio Shack, that if they convicted (or prosecuted [sic]) Anand Jon she could "save her father's house" (out of foreclosure) and that she and her incarcerated boyfriend Chase (in prison for grand theft auto; out in November 2008) could get their own place together.

Another revelation: Britny never claimed to be a victim in the case. Even though Britny talked about having to testify, she never said that she was assaulted or that Janice was assaulted. [Britny and Janice's heinous claims during the trial were further impeached by their own admission of visiting the Beverly Hills Police Station to dispute a parking ticket, but never claimed or reported any crimes or assaults.]

This shocking testimony comes on the heels of potentially self-damning testimony from prosecution witness Amanda C. on October 10, 2008 where she was repeatedly caught lying by the defense. The prosecution, even today, is still claiming that emails coming from Amanda C's cell phone are "fake, doctored by the defense."

The issue is that even though there are corroborating reports from the cell phone company T-mobile, from the device manufacturer, Danger, as well as from Google (documents received in court today regarding Gmail) and MySpace (testimony today from their custodian of records), the prosecution is refusing to agree that the emails are valid. These emails prove that there was a flirtatious and non-professional relationship between them. Amanda C sent multiple candid images of herself in bra and panties to the defendant in an attempt to be salacious, flirtatious and enticing.

Regarding Britny, Alicia had to tell someone what she knew. That someone was the defense attorney Leonard Levine's office. Alicia called and originally left an anonymous tip. Defense investigator Russell L Greene tracked her down in a story fit for television.

Alicia's main concern is to protect her and her family from what she describes as a "scary man" – Britny's boyfriend Chase is currently in jail on grand theft auto charges. He's due out in November and Alicia is extremely worried about retaliation from Britny, Chase and their friends. If they'll go to such great lengths to convict this guy, I am genuinely concerned what they could do to me and my family," she said through tears. "However, I couldn't let them lie and put someone in prison for life while they laugh about it."


^Ok AJ friends, family, and supporters, you had your chance and didn't testify.

What I find interesting is that none of his supporters comment on his conquest book nor video tape. No one will admit what HE even admitted in his own books, that he slept with young girls. What of that? No response? That's what I thought.

I have no idea if he forced anybody, but he was a pedo if nothing else.

Burden of the prosecution not defense

Ms Waxman
From my understanding its the burden of the prosecution to have witnesses on the stand since they have the burden of proof. The defense exspecially in a case like this where there is no actual evidence other than hearsay or statements defense works exposing the lies and inconsistencies.
Having followed this case its really ridiculous that this went this far- Innocent until proven otherwise where did that apply
how can anyone fight or defend if they are kept in jail
your article in LA Magazine exposed a lot of lies hopefully you will look into the truth how women can lie and destroy lives
Perjury-shouldnt these people be punished for lying under oath
the 2 alleged rape victims of the 9. one the defense showed evidence she had scouted for models and sent several model resumes to her alleged rapist after her alleged brutal rape? cmon this is just ridiculous. and she talks about porn with Patrick the business partner.
the deeper you look the more you find- women who lied


For anyone who has never encountered this man or his family, " Shut It!" These are vile people and unfortunately some of these witnesses may help him continue on his sexual entitlements with young girls and also help Shashi and Sanjana 'de Cruelle' to continue conning people into financial "investments". I am becoming a believer that what goes around comes around.
To A.J, Sanjana & Shashi,'Thanks for taking care of my pet rabbits' Karma is a Sanjana.


'bettina', 'regret is not rape', 'financial gain and witness collusion' & 'Burden of the prosecution not defense' all seem to be the same person! The posts (at least the 1st three) were all within minutes of each other. Probably Sanjana or that 'Bedi' guy from India Post?

I have been following this case for sometime now and personally methinks this guy will be serving time for a long time... Wonder what Sanjana, Bedi & gang will come up with after the verdict (which like I mentioned earlier, I am pretty much sure will be GUILTY)!


Read --> http://www.laweekly.com/2008-10-09/news/the-strange-and-disturbing-trial-of-anand-jon/

mr. buzybee

dear sharon,
are you friends with anand jon's family?
they are paying linda vega to keep his site running on myspace
sharon, there is a true crime-anand has admitted to having sex with women under the age of 18.
if this man is a legitimate designer why was he searching day and night on websites for young unknown women?
please answer dear sharon

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