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November 13, 2008


Anand-jon-guilty Anand Jon, the 34-year-old fashion designer accused of raping nine models, has been convicted of 16 of the 23 counts of rape and sexual assault against him in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

A jury deliberated for about five days before finding Jon guilty of 14 felony and two misdemeanor counts against seven women. The jury found Alexander not guilty of four counts of sexual assault, and was deadlocked on three counts, including one count of rape.

Judge David Wesley declared a mistrial on those three counts.

Because this case involves special circumstances of including multiple victims, the penalty is a mandatory life sentence. Jon will be eligible for parole in 67 years. Jon’s attorney Leonard Levine said he would appeal the verdict.

In a trial that lasted the better part of two months, a parade of former models emerged to accuse the Indian-born designer of luring them to his apartments in New York and Los Angeles, and raping them, sometimes within minutes of their arrival. Some of the models were young teenagers at the time.

But the case was complicated because with one exception, none of the models complained to police at the time. Many of them stayed with Jon after the assault or followed him to other cities.

Moreover, there was no physical evidence of sexual assault presented at trial.

While Jon maintained his innocence throughout, he never took the stand to defend himself, believing that the prosecution had not proved its case.

As the jury foreman read the verdict, Jon looked down without emotion, but his mother Shashi Abraham and sister Sanjana Jon began to shake uncontrollably.

The jury declined to speak to the press, and thus would shed no light on their deliberations.

Despite inconsistencies in some of the victims’ stories, the jury appeared to agree that Jon’s behavior amounted to rape and sexual assault. They convicted him of rape, lewd acts; sexual penetration by a foreign object; using a minor for sex; possessing child pornography; attempted oral copulation; sexual battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The jury threw out all four accusations of Britney O., including one of rape. Her testimony described outrageous behavior by Jon, including forcing her to give him oral sex while two friends sat on an adjacent couch.

And the jury deadlocked on three counts, 11-1, according to a court official, involving the accusations of a victim called Candace. The judge declared a mistrial on those counts. The deadlock was due to a lone holdout on those counts, juror 12, a man who appeared to be in his 40s, said one trial observer.

Other witnesses gave testimony that was uneven, or could not fully explain why they had never complained to police before last year. But jurors were clearly outraged by images of underaged (though not pre-pubescent) pornography on Jon’s computer, and a log he kept of every sexual encounter in which he praised his victims for their performance with comments like “swallows very well.”

Jon faces still more charges in New York and Texas. A spokeswoman for the district attorney said Jon is likely to be extradited to New York first.

“The victims who came forward were courageous,” said spokeswoman Jane Robison. “The jury sent a message that our communities will not tolerate serial rapists and child molesters like Anand Jon.”

Jon will be sentenced on January 13.

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Gary (Mumbai)

Well deserved, I think... though for the last couple of days I feared he would get off with a lighter sentence (what with the suspense of juror # 12). Condolences to Sanjana, JS Bedi and the rest of the 'Save Jon' campaign. I think this is one instance where justice was well served.


I briefly met Anand Jon in New York. He does know Paris Hilton because I saw them together. Thankfully on those occasions I was never alone with him, but he was very forward about wanting to date me. I was grossed out because he was like some cult guru with flowing hair. When I saw this news story I wasn't surprised at all. Lock him up and throw away the key. Sickening.


Sounds about right. I know he built his entire "career" by riding the coattails of actual celebrities. He liked to go around saying how he MADE certain individuals, simply because he knew them or they walked in his show one time years ago. He and his supporters have laid claims to him "making a star" out of names who's careers have NOTHING to do with him, such as actors and models who found work before, during, and after their association with him. He used the celebrities like he used the models, though for different reasons.

The guy was a joke all around. He was a bottom feeder who rode the fame of his celeb "friends". He made crap clothes some of which weren't even his. And of course worst of all, he raped and molested countless women and girls. The only thing "good" Jon ever did was give some money to an animal shelter, but that shelter was shut down after his perversions caught up to him and he was imprisoned and no longer able to give them money. So they too were given false hope which Anand Jon selfishly squandered due to his lack of control, ego, and disgutingly perverted addictions.

The scariest part of al, is that for all we know, there could be 100 more victims out there. I hope more come forward, so maybe his family can finally realize the truth, that is, if they didn't already know it.


What I'd like to do to Anand Supporters is ask them to push aside EVERYTHING and just think about ONE THING:

Why did he have to turn to Myspace for models? Why on earth would an "established", celebrity-associated, "professional" adult male designer turn to a social networking site to find young models? Aspiring models are everywhere. Putting out an open call or ad would have landed all the models he needed for professional purposes. Or, seeking models from professional agencies was an obvious option. Instead, he chose a way where it was private and direct and isolating. And suppporters might say something silly like "He needed to save money." to which I then ask ok then why not have his assistant or his business partner recruit them then? Why do it himself? No legitimate designer acts this way. Did any of these girls ever appear in print ads or on his runaways? No. So then tell me why he needed them? To put on the clothes in front of him? Seriously? He paid hundreds of dollars to fly them across the country simply to stand in his apartment and be used as a mannequin? Seriously? No! Who does that!? He brought them out to fulfill his sexual needs and wear them as arm candy.

He was 100% clearly trolling for young flesh, for victims. He lured them and when they showed hesitance he either tried to coax or else threaten/pressure, and if all else failed, clearly then druggings and rapes came into play. All his supporters claiming these girls were fame and money-hungry whores need to do is look at the fact that HE sought THEM out, did so in a bizarre and creepy way online, and his intentions were obvious and tactics methodical. The guy's actions were TEXTBOOK. Wake up guys, seriously. I know it's hard to face it, but the truth is right before you. Anand Jon is a rapist, not just according to a legal ruling, but according to reality.

Anonymous 5:53 AM

By the way, my run-in with him happened back in 2002, so his sleazy ways have been going on at least since then. I was with him in his studio, as he leaned toward me with this cheesy romantic look in his eyes. It made me almost nauseous. He showed me his designs which were lame, and his website that looked like it was from the stone age. Hardly legit. He also is very egotistical and has quotes from himself everywhere like " 'Life - We'll never make it out alive.' -AJ." Thankfully my BS detector was on and I said I had to go home. Later on he said we couldn't be "just friends" because he "has enough friends" and he only wanted relationships. I had no intentions of becoming a model so I wasn't desperate for his acquaintance. That was the last time I saw him, thank God.


As I wrote in my last post-I predicted the Jury's verdict. This Jury or any Jury is not dumb-they read between lines, see the facade behind the face, the make behind the makeup--they were fair in convicting him for injury that was self inflicted for the most part. Yes, there were few who testified out of pure vindictiveness but they were driven by the few who were realy harmed. All said and done this man clearly tresspassed the boundaries of decency-and took liberties for which he will get to design striped clothing for the jail-mates on an unlimited time and contract.

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I wouldn't be so harsh with this guy.

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He was guilty and he deserved this sentence.

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In a trial that lasted the better part of two months, a parade of former models emerged to accuse the Indian-born designer of luring them to his apartments in New York and Los Angeles, and raping them, sometimes within minutes of their arrival. Some of the models were young teenagers at the time. :)

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I do think the thought he got was correct but he rape so many models and think of coming out of this situation so smoothly.... that's funny....:)

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